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Raw Material

Alsancak Orman Ürünleri

Raw Material

Our company uses the following types of wood that are suitable for veneer production, which is carefully selected as raw materials during its productions.

Hard Wood Beech

One of the most common trees between the Atlantic and the Caspian Sea is preferred due to its pleasant and calm colour. With the transformation of fashion to light coloured trees and the development of the furniture industry, mass production, the need for homogeneous trees with no problems in supply, beech has taken its place as the most used tree all over the world.


Walnut that grows in the region between Spain and East Turkistan is an easy tree to work with. Walnut veneer is still used in very valuable projects, panel and furniture manufacturing, especially in northern Europe.


Found all over Europe except Central and Northern Scandinavia, Oak is one of the most common trees in the region. It is used in architectural projects, mass production furniture, panel and parquet manufacturing, constructions and plate production.

Maple Tree

Maple tree grown in Central Europe is thought to be the most noble among the light colored trees. The veneer is of high quality and is used especially in architectural projects and furniture manufacturing.


Anigre, whose origin is South African countries, is recently demanded from North America and Far East is used for architectural projects, door and panel manufacturing, thanks to its calm pattern and harmonious color.



Sapelli, originally from African Countries is mostly used in furniture, panel, parquet, door manufacturing and construction. World demand in many countries, including Turkey Sapelli coating is intense. Although Sapelli is a relatively hard wood, it is very easy to handle.

Rose Tree

Rose tree grown in South Africa is used in high quality architectural projects, mass production and home office furniture manufacturing.

Ash Tree

Ash tree, which grows from the Atlantic coast to the Caspian Sea, is used in the production of serial furniture, decoration and parquet. Due to its regular patterns, its coating is very suitable for coloring.